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My series of paintings attempt to examine the identity issues of a woman of colour and faith in a foreign society. I use textile paintings to convey my message. The use of thread and textile patchwork is significant as members of society are interwoven to form the social fabric; the patchwork of different segments makes society more colourful and vibrant.

Migration, Euphoria and Solidarity relate the journey of immigrants from different parts of the world as they make a new home in the West. Here they enjoy the freedom offered to them and, as they become an integral part of society., feel the pain equally when the social fabric is disturbed. The expression of real experiences and feelings in surrealistic form is notable. The use of embroidered text in the painting Solidarity - Love, Compassion, Humanity - illustrates the values my work explores.

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Migration of Identity Project Samina Isl

Migration, mixed media 47 x 37 cm

Euphoria of Identity Project Samina Isla

Euphoria, mixed media 47 x 37 cm

Solidarity of Identity Project Samina Is

Solidarity, mixed media 47 x 37 cm

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